Heroes of Christian History

The Heroes of Christian History curriculum is an eight week series designed for youth and adults.  The objective is to show how faithful men, women and teens have stood firm for the cause of Christ through the ages.   Leaners will be encouraged in their suffering, knowing that each new trial is an opportunity to demonstrate the face of Jesus to needy believers and unbelievers alike.

  • The Fate of the Apostles

  • 1st Century Defenders to the Death

  • Martyrs of the Coliseum

  • Before Christianity was Legal

  • The Morningstar of the Reformation

  • Defying the Pope

  • Rebels with a Cause

  • Soldier-Saints of England

  • Counting the Cost in the Americas

  • Missionaries – Strangers in a Strange Land

  • Modern Day Heroes

  • Victorious!  – Becoming a Hero