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Your Youth Will Be In College in Five Years.   Are They Ready?

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Teaching Trax – Apologetics

Vaccinating your youth and adults against Skepticitis is not easy. Truth serum doesn’t come in a syringe. Let us share our experiences and training with your teaching staff.

The Teaching Trax Curriculum prepares your youth and adult leaders to equip their generations in four ways:

  1. to own their faith with certainty

  2. to explain their beliefs with clarity

  3. to engage a wayward culture with confidence

  4. to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with love and conviction.

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High School Student Testimonial


Alan G

Teaching Trax –  Heroes of Christian History

Highlighting Two Thousand Years of Christian Hope in the Face of Trial and Christian Courage in the Face of Fire

History learners are history makers.

The Heroes of the Cross series is a historical anthology of faithful soldier-saints who stood firm in the face of suffering and persecution, from the first century to today. It is intended to edify and encourage the church in all nations where Christians are suffering for the cause of Christ, including our own. It does so against the backdrop of our great Christian heritage. Find out more!


WordTrax Apologetic Audio Minutes

These are short audio tracks designed to supplement each lesson. They are verbal word pictures that introduce the subject, whetting the desire for more.  Click on one of our programs below to listen!


Heroes of the Cross – Amazing Stories

Through our partnership with TWR, Heroes of the Cross is encouraging suffering saints around the world with amazing true stories of faith and courage.  Join us.  Click below to find out how you can become a Hero to those facing intimidation and adversity as they stand firm for the cause of Christ.

Click here to listen to the Heroes Audio Tracks

Become a Hero. We need your prayers and financial gifts in order to help us continue to produce these encouraging real life messages for our brothers & sisters all over the world.

Story of Jenny Geddesjenny-geddes-stool

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    The Apologist’s Pledge of Allegiance

    I pledge allegiance to the Church. I will defend her against enemies within and without, whether alone or with others. I will proclaim her great truths with courage and conviction. I will engage the culture with confidence, and I will gently and respectfully share my hope that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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