About Ben LaCorte

Ben LaCorte is the President of Heroes of the Cross.

Ben believes that the Church’s best days are before her, that suffering and persecution have traditionally been the seeds of the faith. The coming adversity should be looked upon as an opportunity to add millions to the Kingdom of God.

Bens Good PictureOur mission at Heroes of the Cross, is to grow the Church in the knowledge of the history she has already made, thereby inspiring the history she is yet to make.

History learners are history makers.

Here is what others have said about Ben’s teaching:

“I’m honored to recommend Ben LaCorte. Ben is a gifted teacher who has faithfully served this congregation by equipping both students and adults in the area of apologetics. In addition to being a gifted communicator, Ben is faithful to God’s Word and his content is rock solid. It’s been my observation over the years that Ben desires to train believers to defend the truth of the Christian faith, and to help skeptics overcome barriers to belief. Ben does both very well. ”  Colonial Baptist Logo
Scott Wylie
Pastor, Family Ministry,
Colonial Baptist Church, Cary, NC


Ben is the president and founder of Heroes of the Cross.  He develops the Teaching Trax for our Apologetics and Christian History series, and teaches at his home church, Colonial Baptist, in Cary, NC. Ben writes and records the historical episodes of Christian heroism which appear on this website and on TWR360.


Founding Director of WordTrax, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization whose mission is to disseminate Christian apologetics information pursuant to a Christian Worldview, to equip the Church to engage the culture, and to teach believers to defend and proclaim the great truths of Christianity. Heroes of the Cross is a ministry under WordTrax, Inc.


  • Biola University: Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics (Candidate, 2018)
  • Shepherds Theological Seminary: Master of Arts in Biblical Literature
  • Cornell University: Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Clarkson University: Bachelors’s of Science Degree in Civil Engineering


  • Ben has written and recorded 31 ninety second audio tracks that ran on various Christian radio stations in Texas, California and Minnesota.
  • Ben teaches apologetics at the High School, College and adult levels at his church: Colonial Baptist Church, 4,000 members in Cary, NC.
  • He has been invited to speak at men’s breakfasts and to preach Sunday services at churches in the local area.
  • Ben is an associate writer for the Wisdom for the Heart Magazine
  • He occasionally guests hosts the nationally syndicated Christian radio talk show, Called2Action for Steve Noble.  C2A is part of The Truth Network, Winston-Salem, NC. Ben has interviewed guests such as David Limbaugh, Frank Turek and Richard Land.


  • Married 33 years, three grown children
  • Graduate of the Dale Carnegie Presentation Effectiveness Program
  • Licensed Private Pilot
  • Licensed Professional Engineer (Texas)