Nicholas Ridley and Hugh Latimer are Martyred by Bloody Mary

During the reign of King Henry the Eighth in England, a resistance movement sprang to life in Germany to “protest” the religious policies of the Pope in Rome. It therefore was called the Protest-ant Reformation. Within a few years the movement reached across the Channel to England and threw Britain into religious turmoil. There the resistance was dubbed the English Reformation. Its goal was merely to worship freely in England, yet triggered a century of political and social intrigue. And in the end inspired some of greatest demonstrations of Christian faith the world has ever seen.


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  1. Ben, you have a way of drawing us in with such a positive energy and historically documented account of our past. A past that shows us that we should all have hope because of those who went before us. Thank you for sharing such a rich, and compelling message.
    I look forward to your next episode!

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